Monday, August 24, 2009

ScrumPad affiliate program is live

We are excited to announce that our affiliate program is now live. This is our way to share the success with our ScrumPad community. If you are using ScrumPad and or have reviewed ScrumPad and think it is a tool that others should take a look and use, we encourage you to become our affiliate and start spreading the words for ScrumPad.

We wanted to make it simple. Anyone, individual or a company, can signup. When you signup you get an "affiliate id." After signup, just start referring people to ScrumPad, and let us take care of the rest- from keeping track of who you referred, and how much your refferal bonus is, to automatically paying you when it is due. It is that simple.

When you refer someone to signup for ScrumPad, and if they put your affiliate code in during signup, we credit you for that referral. You just need to make sure they put your affiliate code as a referrer. Alternatively, you could download our "affiliate badge" that you can put on your site(s). Anyone clicking through your site to ScrumPad and eventually signs up, your affiliate id gets automatically populated and you get credit for that new user of ScrumPad.

We have a very strong reward program for our affiliates. You get 50% of the first month's subscription fees paid by your referred client, and continue to earn 5% of subsequent monthly subscription fees for as long as they use ScrumPad. Isn't that cool or what?

We pay out your earned referral bonus at the end of every month when you accrue $100 or more. The only condition is that you have to have an account with Amazon. We process payments through Amazon FPS (Flexible Payment System).

You can check your affiliate account balance anytime by logging into you account as an affiliate from our site.

We hope you like our affiliate program and join.